Reupholster a Headboard

Do you want to reupholster an existing headboard with a new fabric, or maybe build your own headboard from scratch? It will be quick and easy if you are practically minded and have a staple gun to hand. Here are some tips to make your job easier and show you what you need to consider, to choose the correct staple and staple gun.

How to Choose the Correct Staples to Reupholster a Headboard 

Fine wire staples are the best choice when reupholstering with textiles. Because they are thin, they only make small holes in the fabric and do not damage the threads. For a long-lasting result, the staple must be at least three times longer than the thickness of the fabric. Bear in mind that you need extra-long staples when attaching fabric to corners, and other places where the fabric is folded into multiple layers.

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Recommended Staple Guns for Reupholstering a Headboard

To achieve desired results when reupholstering a headboard, it is often necessary to use a lot of staples. In order to save time and muscle power, it is best to choose an electric or battery-powered staple gun that provides extra power and precision. You can also use an ergonomically designed, manual staple gun with an easy-to-squeeze trigger. It is also useful if the staple gun has adjustable impact strength, so you can adjust the power to the hardness of the board.

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Some Tips for Reupholstering a Headboard

Lots of Padding, More Staples

When using a lot of padding, you may need to use more staples when attaching the fabric, to keep it properly stretched, and to reduce the load on each individual staple. 

Remove Old Staples

If there are old staples in the board, it is best to remove as many as possible with a staple remover. This makes it easier to attach the new fabric.

One Side at a Time

Attach the fabric to one side at a time, then continue with the opposite side. This makes it easier to keep the fabric straight and taut, for a nice, even result.

Work from the Centre

When you attach the fabric, it is always best to start in the centre and work out towards the corners, to avoid creases and bubbles.

Save the Corners Until Last

Finish by attaching the corners. Fold the fabric into several layers. Make sure that you use staples which are long enough to go through all the layers of fabric.

Work in a Pair

A helping hand is useful to help make sure that the fabric on the front of the board stays stretched, whilst attaching the fabric.

Recommended Staple Guns to Reupholster a Headboard:

Rapid ALU953

Rapid ALU953

Ergonomic staple gun specially developed to save muscle power. Easy-to-squeeze trigger makes it suitable for more extensive home projects.

Rapid R153E Manual Staple Gun

Rapid R153E Manual Staple Gun

Small, solid, and easy-to-use steel staple gun that will withstand numerous projects over time.

Rapid ESN530 Electric Staple Gun

Rapid ESN530 Electric Staple Gun

Easy-to-use, powerful staple gun with a flat front for easy access for corners and angles. Suitable for the most demanding home projects.


Rapid BTX530 Li-Ion Battery-Operated Staple Gun

Rapid BTX530 Li-Ion Battery-Operated Staple Gun

Versatile battery-operated staple gun that gives you great freedom of motion. High performance with a short charging time.