Nine reasons to use hot melt glue guns

Ready to use in a moment

Connect the glue gun to the mains, insert a glue stick, wait until it is heated up. That’s it.

Durable bonds

The finished bond is strong and will last a long time without being affected by humidity or outside weather conditions.


Special glue sticks are available to suit almost all common materials to guarantee best bonding.


Hot melt bonding is simply the fastest way of gluing.


The trigger of the glue gun puts you in perfect control of the glue flow.

Creative work

With coloured glue or glue sticks with glitter you can decorate many materials.

Non toxic

No solvent, bot toxics, no smell and no need for enhanced ventilation.


The glue leaves no residues, does not overflow and the fast drying time makes it clean and easy to work with.

No due date

You can store a glue stick indefinitely. You can heat it, cool it and reheat it as many times as you like. It will never deteriorate.