Fastening cables with glue

With hot melt glue and a glue gun, you can easily fasten cables onto skirting boards, walls and other surfaces and create a sleeker feel in your home. And if needed, you can easily remove the cables by carefully warming the glue with a heat gun. You can read more here about which glues and glue guns are most suitable for the job, as well as get practical tips along the way.

Choosing the right glue when you glue cables

We recommend that you use a special adhesive for plastic cable, as this provides extra durable adhesion. Choose a short glue stick that contains less glue if you are going to run a short cable, and a long glue stick if you are going to work with longer cable.

Recommended glues for gluing cable

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Choosing the right glue gun when you glue cables

When gluing cables, you may need to work across longer areas. We therefore recommend a glue gun with a high glue flow. It is also a good idea if the glue gun has exchangeable nozzles, so that you can adjust the glue flow as needed. For example, a long, narrow nozzle makes it easier to get into corners and other hard-to-reach places.

A few tips when you glue cable

Make sure that the surfaces are clean and dry

Wipe off dirt and dust from the surfaces before you glue, otherwise the adhesive strength is compromised. It may also be a good idea to rub down the surface of the cable with sandpaper, to give better adhesion.

Preferably glue onto skirting board

Try to avoid gluing onto wallpapered surfaces, as it can be difficult to remove the glue without damaging the wallpaper.

Keep up a quick pace - the glue dries quickly

Hot melt glue dries quickly and immediately attains its full adhesive force. It is therefore important to fasten the cable immediately once you have applied the glue. Press down the cable firmly so that it sits evenly. 

Keep the cable taut

Make sure to always keep the cable taut when you place it in the glue, to get a smooth result.

Warm the glue to adjust or remove the cable

If you need to adjust or remove the cable, you can simply warm the glue with a hot air gun to adjust it.