Energy Saving Stapling Concept

Using a staple gun shouldn't be a workout! Learn about Powercurve® Technology, developed in conjunction with a physiotherapist for up to 65% less effort and featured in our new range of staple guns.


Manual Staple Guns

Our comprehensive, market-leading product range caters for demanding professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Hammer tackers

When the task at hand involves quick fastening of materials with a large number of staples.

Pneumatic Staplers

When the job demands high-tempo, precision fastening, Rapid’s pneumatic staple and nail guns always deliver the best results.

Electric Staplers

No matter the job in hand, Rapid’s electric staple and nail guns deliver quality performance and precision fastening.


Glue Guns

A good glue gun can be the difference between a job well done and less impressive results.


Riveting pliers for blind rivets and blind rivet nuts are developed for the fastening of tough and hard materials where the back is inaccessible.

Hot air guns

A hot air gun is a true multi-purpose tool that can assist you in a wide variety of tasks.

Garden pliers

In our outdoors range, Rapid offers a variety of high quality garden pliers that facilitate efficient, neat fastening of plants, vines or garden fences.