Choosing the right hot air gun

Hot air guns, or heat guns, extend a jet of air that can be directed to a specific point or surface. They can reach very high temperatures and are used, among other things, to strip paint, shrink hose, defrost pipes, melt metal and plastic or weld different materials together. Hot air guns can also be combined with different types of exchangeable nozzles.

There are several types of hot air gun with different functions and they can also be combined with different exchangeable nozzles. To choose the right hot air gun for your project, you must think about the functions and features you need. 


High-power hot air guns combine high air flow with high temperature. This allows you to work quickly and efficiently on larger areas, such as paint stripping. Low-power hot air guns can produce high temperatures but have a lower airflow, which means it takes longer to cover the same surface.



Adjustable hot air guns can be set to several different temperature levels. This makes it easier to work with tasks and materials that require special temperatures and reduces the risk of damaging the material.

Air flow

The air flow of the hot air gun indicates the amount of air it blows per minute. A low air flow is often linked to a low temperature. However, to ignite a grill or strip paint from a large area, you need a high airflow.



The highest and lowest temperature of the hot air gun determine the application it can be used for. You need a high temperature hot air gun, for example, for soldering metal pipes or welding. Defrosting pipes and removing stickers are examples of tasks that need only a low temperature setting.


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