Choosing the right nozzle for your hot air gun

Various replaceable nozzles allow you to control and change the airflow of the hot air gun in different ways. Rapid has several types of nozzles.

Reduction nozzle

A reduction nozzle provides a thinner jet of air that is suitable for stripping paint in corners, soft soldering copper pipes or unsoldering electronic components. Available in 9 mm, 14 mm and 20 mm width.

Glass protection nozzle

A glass protection nozzle directs the jet of air and prevents the glass from overheating and cracking. It is effective for stripping paint and glue from window frames. Available in 50 mm and 75 mm widths.

Wide-slot nozzle

A wide-slot nozzle spreads the jet of air over a larger area and is suitable for stripping paint and glue, and repairing roofing felt, for example. Available in 45 mm and 75 mm widths.

Reflector nozzle

A reflector nozzle deflects the jet of air to provide an even heat around the material. It is used, for example, when working with heat shrink hose and thin pipes. Available separately and in sets including heat shrink hose.

See our range of hot air gun nozzles.

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