How to use a rivet gun

Fixing with blind rivets is easy. A quick solution for a tight, stable and durable join.

1. Measure the thickness of the two materials to be fixed together. Choose a suitable size of blind rivet. See our guide on choosing the right size of blind rivet.

2. Use the drill supplied with the blind rivets to make a hole of the correct diameter through the materials to be fixed together.

3. Open the rivet gun handles. Insert the narrow end of the blind rivet into the nozzle. If you do not have a blind riveter with a multi-nozzle, you will also need to make sure that the nozzle matches the diameter of the rivet.

4. Press together the blind riveter handles slightly with the blind rivet in the nozzle to hold it in place. Then place the head of the blind rivet into the pre-drilled hole.

5. Press the handles together several times until the pin on the blind rivet is clipped off. The materials are now fixed together.

See our selection of blind riveters here.

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