Choosing the right glue gun

When you know which hot melt glue to use, it is time to choose a glue gun that suits your project and is made for the intended glue sticks. Rapid glue guns are grouped according to the three most common applications.

Glue guns for arts and crafts

These glue guns are perfect for people who like crafting and creating things themselves. You can glue on materials, such as beads, and also decorate with coloured or glitter glue.

There are two variants of glue gun for this application. One is designed for precision work and one for heat-sensitive materials.

  • Do you need extra precision and small amounts of glue at a time, for example for model building and different types of crafting? Then you should choose a glue gun that takes 7 mm glue sticks.
  • Do you glue heat-sensitive materials such as polystyrene, silk, balloons and glass? Then use a glue gun that takes oval-shaped glue sticks.

Arts and crafts glue guns

Glue guns for fix and repair

These glue guns are ideal for various home projects. For example, you can use them to fasten cables or mend shoes and china.

You can choose from several models with various features and characteristics, such as battery operation, detachable cable and replaceable nozzles. These models are also different in terms of glue flow, i.e. how much glue comes out for each press. Read more in our guide "More to consider when choosing a glue gun".

Fix and repair glue guns

Glue guns for installation

These glue guns are the right choice for those who have major projects that require a lot of glue. For example, you can glue skirting boards, panelling and architrave, install cables and seal cardboard boxes.

All models are powerful, provide high glue flow and have replaceable nozzles. Some have adjustable temperature to adapt to different types of special adhesive. Read more in our guide "More to consider when choosing a glue gun".

Installation glue guns

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