Five benefits of hot melt glue 

Hot melt glue is both durable and easy when you want to fasten skirting boards and cables, repair china or glue back a shoe sole that has come loose. It is also suitable for decorations and crafts. Hot melt glue has several benefits over air-drying glue and contact adhesives, as it offers quick adhesion, while also letting you make some adjustments afterwards. You can choose between different universal glues that are suitable for several types of material. But there are also special adhesives for textiles, wood, ceramics and plastic, for example, which offer better adhesive strength for specific materials. 

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1. You avoid drilling
Hot melt glue is applied directly onto the material to be fastened and it does not damage the surface or material. In addition, no glue needs to be applied to the surface you are fastening to.

2. You quickly get a strong result
Hot melt glue immediately attains its maximum adhesive strength and dries in a few seconds. 

3. You can adjust afterwards
Hot melt glue can easily be warmed again, with a hot air gun for example. This means that you can easily reposition the material and then fasten it again with the same glue.

4. You avoid harmful vapours and substances
Hot melt glue does not contain any solvents or substances that can irritate the skin, eyes or lungs.

5. Glue sticks do not dry out
Glue sticks have unlimited shelf-life, compared to, for example, glue in a pot that dries out after some time. The glue in glue sticks also keeps its colour over the years.

Always choose glue according to the material

There is both universal glue, as well as special adhesives for specific materials - for example, textiles, wood, ceramics and plastic. Special adhesives are suited to the pore structure and surface of specific materials, to give the greatest possible adhesive strength. Always remember to choose the glue that is best suited to the material.

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