Installing trimming and casing with a glue gun

Installing trimming, casing and panelling is often the most enjoyable part of a building and renovation project; this is when the room gets its final look and character. With a nail, staple or glue gun, you can work efficiently and achieve a neat, durable result at the same time. You can read more here about some typical projects and how to chose the right tool and glue. At the same time, you will get some practical tips that help to achieve a good result.

Gluing skirting boards

Gluing skirting boards with hot melt glue is both easy and efficient, not least on concrete walls and other hard materials. You get a durable result, avoid making holes in the skirting board and don’t need to plaster over nail heads afterwards.

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Gluing decorative trim

With decorative trim, you can create patterns and mirrors on doors, shutters and wall paneling. Since decorative trim is often narrow and thin, it’s easy to install trimming with glue, which helps you avoid making holes that can cause cracks.

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