Make the most beautiful bench for the summer

A short bench is perhaps the most easily placed and beautiful piece of interior design you can have. And it's easy to make yourself, too. With a few timber joists, your favourite colour, jute ribbon and our step-by-step guide, you'll soon have a lovely bench to use both in the garden and indoors.

1. You'll need 45x45 mm timber joists, which can be bought at your local DIY store. Of course, you can customise the dimensions of the bench to suit your needs. Often you can get help from the DIY store to cut the pieces.
- 4 pcs x 45 cm
- 4 pcs x 31 cm
- 3 pcs x 101 cm

2. Sand the edges with sandpaper so they are not splintery.

3. Use a glue gun, such as Rapids EG313, and glue sticks for wood to glue all the pieces together.

4. Reinforce the frame with screws and a screwdriver.

5. Attach a screw to each end of the joists.

6. Paint or stain in the colour of your choice. Remember to use paint for outdoor use if it is to be placed outdoors.

7. Time for the seat. Use a staple gun such as Rapid R53 and No.53 staples (length 10 mm) to attach the straps. We have used jute ribbon.

8. Measure the length of the ribbons you need and cut them.

9. Staple on the underside. Remember to tighten the ribbon as much as possible when stapling the other side.

10. Attach the short ribbons first, then braid the long ribbons and staple them in place.