Gluing decorative trim with hot melt glue and a glue gun 

With decorative trim, you can create mirrors and other patterns on doors, shutters and wall panelling. Since decorative trim is often narrow and thin, it’s easy to install trimming with glue, which helps you avoid making holes that can cause cracks. You can read more here about what glue and glue guns are most suitable for installing decorative trim, as well as get some practical tips that make the work easier.

Choosing the right hot melt glue and glue gun when you glue decorative trim 

We recommend that you use special adhesive for wood or plastic, depending on the material the trimming is made of, as this provides extra durable adhesion.

Choose the length of glue stick based on the size of the job – a short glue stick contains less glue and is suitable when you are gluing short lengths of trimming, while a long glue stick is the best choice for major projects. 

Recommended glues for gluing decorative trim

Click on here to see our range 12 mm glue sticks. 

Choosing the right glue gun when you glue decorative trim

We recommend that you use a high-precision glue gun, which makes it easier when you work with small sections and surfaces. It is also a good idea if the glue gun has exchangeable nozzles, so that you can adjust the glue flow as needed, to get into corners or cover wider surfaces for example. Another factor is the size of your project. If you’re going to put up decorative trim in an entire house, it’s a good idea to use a glue gun, which gets the work done more efficiently.

A few tips when you glue decorative trim 

Protect the floor

Use a protective sheet to protect the floor and other surfaces from glue.

Make sure that the surfaces are clean and dry

Wipe off dirt and dust from the surfaces before you glue, otherwise the adhesive strength is compromised. It may also be a good idea to sand down the surfaces to remove any irregularities.

Preferably apply glue to the trimming

The glue then adheres better. Avoid gluing on wallpaper if possible. It can be difficult to remove the glue without damaging the wallpaper. 

Keep up a quick pace - the glue dries quickly

Hot melt glue dries quickly and immediately attains its full adhesive strength. It is therefore important to fasten the decorative trim immediately once you have applied the glue. Hold the trimming firmly against the undersurface for a short time so that it sits evenly.

Good luck with your project!