Application areas

Hot air guns are used in a variety of project from refurbishing old furniture, repairing car bumper, defrost water pipes to fairly advanced applications like cable terminals, car covering or soft welding.

Defrosting pipes with a hot air gun


Quickly defrost a water pipe, prefer a high airflow and low temperature.

Desolder electronics using a hot air gun


Desolder electronic components by heating the welding spot thoroughly until the tin softens.

Preparing ski wax with a hot air gun

Preparation of skis

A fast way to apply wax on the ski soles.

Bending plastic pipes using a hot air gun


Shape and bend plastic, copper tubes, plates and pipes. Tubes and pipes must be pre-filled with sand.

Removing paint from a door using a hot air gun

Stripping Paint

Almost all the oil varnishes, paints and solvents applied on wood can safely remove by using a hot air gun. Rapid provides wide nozzle for larger surfaces.

Using a hot air gun to work with shrink tubing

Shrink tubing

Repair your phone cable or fix cable terminals together. The tubes retract of 50% and will provide additional protection. Use in combination with a reflective nozzle.

Soft welding rubber floors using a hot air gun

Soft Welding

Overlap plastic sheeting, bituminous materials on the roof.

Removing stickers using a hot air gun


Remove a sticker or PVC flooring is easy with a wide nozzle.