Be your own interior designer with Rapid

Your home should display your personality and style. Why hang things you don’t like on the wall? With your favourite fabric stretched over a picture frame you can quickly create exactly the wall hanging in the colours that you want.

Holiday souvenirs that lie around gathering dust ... gather them together in a display case.

Cables hanging and lying all over the place make an unfinished impression. Fasten them in straight lines for a more organised look.

Creating a display box with electric tacker

Display boxes are suitable for keeping souvenirs, books and many more.

A cable tacker used to attach a cable

With our cable tackers cables can be fixed tidily and easily.

Creating a frame using a combined staple and brad manual tacker

A painting, wall-hanging or headboard for the bed? It is easy to put a frame together by just nailing or stapling the ends together. just place staples in the corners.

Dressing a frame with fabric with a staple gun

Now fix a piece of fabric on the frame. You decide which colour and size.