Transform your garden with a staple gun and some ideas

For most people, a garden is a thriving place for relaxation where they can settle down and enjoy a cup of coffee. It’s a dream easily realised. Hotbeds and flowerboxes are easy to make with the simplest of materials … old, worn out sun chairs look good as new with a little new fabric.

After visiting the fabric store, timber yard and nursery, spend a few hours of carpentry and you have a brand-new garden. Settle into your lovely sun chairs among the buzzing bees and butterflies and enjoy the satisfaction that come from gardening and your own creations.

Using a manual staple gun to fix your sunchair

You already have a pattern in the form of the old fabric. Remove it carefully, place it over the new fabric, and cut out your new sun chair creation. Staple the new fabric in place and rest pretty!

Create a hot bed with the help of a staple gun

It isn’t particularly difficult to make a hotbed and most gardens have a little plot in the south of their yard. Homegrown strawberries are the best!

Using electric brad nailer to build a flower box

Timber, staples, nails and and electric staple gun are all you need to make a flowerbox of wood. Fill it with soil and add plants. Gorgeous!