Rivet pliers and rivets

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How do I use the RP160 rivet nut adaptor?

How to use the Rapid RP160 Rivet Nut Adapter, watch a step by step instruction video below:

How do I use the RP150 Multi?

How to use RP150 Multi, watch a step by step instruction video below:

How do I use the RP05 eyelet pliers?

How to use eyelets and grommets, watch a step by step instruction video below?

How do I use a riveter?

A riveter is a versitile tool when you dont have access to the back of the two materials you are fastening. Read our guide to learn more on how to operate a riveter.

What is the difference between the rivets?

The nature of the job you’re doing determines the type and size of rivet you need. There are a number of different rivets available, some are specialized to handle certain tasks, such as being waterproof or color rivets for automotive repairs.

What are rivets (pop rivets) and riveting used for?

Rivets and riveters (sometimes called pop rivets) can be used on a wide variety of applications. But the main advantage is joining two hard, thin materials (like sheet metal) together where you have limited access to the back or the other side of the material you are fastening together.

This article explains the advantages of riveting (pop rivets).

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