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Nail guns

Nail guns are efficient tools for major construction work such as framing or roofing. You can also use them to apply interior panels, door frames and other carpentries at home. Rapid offers a selection of powerful nail guns for both professional and domestic use, combined with a wide range of nails and brads.


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Pneumatic nail gun for indoor framing

What is a nail gun?

What kind of nail guns are available on the market and what is it usually used for? 

A electric brad nailer for second fix work.

Choosing the right brad nail length

What is the ideal length of a brad nailer? Learn more about how you choose the right brad nail length.

Need more brad nails, pins or nails?

Need more brad nails, pins or nails?

Find the right nail for your nail gun regardless of what brand you own. Our nails fit most tools on the market. View our guide to find the nail that fits your tool.