Renovating your home, using the right tools.

Almost everyone who owns their own home renovates, sooner or later. And if you are up for that challenge, make sure you are equipped with the right tools for the job!

When doing more demanding jobs such as putting up battens to secure walls or flooring, or placing floorboards or frames, make sure you have a pneumatic or electric staple gun ready and the work will get done quickly.

For easier tasks such as putting up mouldings, cables or insulation you can find the right manual tacker for your needs in the Rapid assortment as well.

Using a pneumatic staple gun to install floor boards

Want to renovate your house with new parquet floors? Use a pneumatic tacker to fix the floorboards and you’ll get a steady floor to walk on.

Fixing moldings with a pneumatic brad nailer

An easy way to make your home look new is to put up new wallpaper, and as an extra nice touch; change the window and door frames as well!

Using a hammer tacker to attach plastic insulation

Preparing the outdoor room for winter use? Use a hammer tacker when fastening the insulation, while leaving the other hand free to secure the insulation.