Rapid Hot Air Gun RX1000 18V P4A

A cordless hot air gun is of great use to you in the home for heat shrinking tubes, shaping plastic, thawing water pipes, removing labels, waxing snowboards and skis, or why not for removing weeds. Rapid’s RX1000 heat gun quickly reaches up to 550°C, which covers most project requirements. A clear LCD screen for regulating the temperature and air flow also displays the battery’s charge status. A unique feature to easily remove hot nozzles without getting burned provides added safety. Two air flow settings means you can work flexibly. With a stable free-standing position, you always have both hands free to work.
Rapid RX1000 is part of Bosch’s battery partnership, POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE. So you can use the same battery with Rapid’s 18V products as with a number of products from brands like Bosch, Gardena, Gloria and Wagner. We recommend the P4A 4.0 Ah battery, which gives up to 22 minutes of operating time. Battery and charger not included, but sold separately.

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  • Part of the Bosch partnership for 18V-batteries: POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE. Works with any Bosch Home & Garden 18V battery (Bosch Green).
  • Up to 22 minutes of operating time with a 4.0 Ah battery.
  • Temperature up to 550°C 
  • Temperature and air flow displayed and regulated via an LCD screen
  • The battery’s charge status is indicated on an LCD screen
  • Flexible, with two settings for air flow (400°C and 550°C)
  • Feature to remove hot nozzles without getting burned
  • Stable free-standing position means both hands free to work
  • Comfortable use thanks to ergonomic design 
  • Battery and charger not included, sold separately
  • Tool weight: 620 g
  • 2-year guarantee


Dimensions (W x H x D mm)
80 x 245 x 187
Temperature C
30-550 °C