What to consider when choosing a glue gun

Rapid glue guns have a variety of features. You can read more about their benefits and uses here.

Cordless glue guns

Cordless glue guns are good for their ease of use in tight and hard-to-reach areas and where there is no access to electricity.

They are also practical when you want to work with high precision as there is no cord to get in the way. There are two versions of cordless glue gun:

  • One that is battery-powered and can be recharged and used cordless for an extended period of time.
  • One that is charged with a detachable cable and can be used cordless for a short period of time (approx. 7 minutes).

Glue flow

  • Glue flow describes how much glue a glue gun delivers in one hour. It is expressed in grams per hour (g/h).
  • A high glue flow makes it easier to work quickly with high intensity.
  • Each glue gun has a specified glue flow – compare the capacity of each model.

Warm-up time

  • Indicates how quickly the glue gun reaches operating temperature.

Adjustable temperature

  • Variable temperature glue guns are designed for special adhesives that need a specific temperature to attain optimum adhesion. The temperature can be adjusted to the exact level required by the glue.

Exchangeable nozzles

Some types of glue gun have exchangeable nozzles that optimise the glue flow and allow the glue gun to be used in several different ways. In addition to the standard nozzle that always comes with the gun, there are several other variants.

  • Multi-hole nozzles, also called widespread nozzles, distribute the glue in several thin lines and are suitable for sealing cartons or for fixing floors and carpets.
  • Extension nozzles provide increased precision in small spaces and are ideal for fixing fibre optic cables and electronic components, for example.

Mobile and fixed stands

  • Fixed stands provide additional support for increased precision in intensive use.
  • Mobile stands can be folded away to provide more space in front of the glue gun, providing extra room to manoeuvre.

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