Different type of outdoor pliers

Learn more about our three different types of pliers.

Fence pliers

Fence plier attaching fence to tensile wire with green hog rings

Ideal for attaching chain link mesh fencing onto a tensile wire. 

Vine pliers

Vine plier LIG150

Specifically designed for securing large branches.

Garden pliers

Garden pliers used to secure plant branch

Designed to make garden work easier and more comfortable.


See some of the reasons for what makes our pliers so convenient to use


Battery powered tying machine and pruner

BHX50 - Tying machine

The Rapid BHX50 is a professional, compact and efficient battery-powered tying machine with an integrated tie wire spool.

BHX30 - Pruner

The Rapid BHX30 is a professional, compact, and efficient battery-powered pruner with a large cutting diameter of up to 32 mm.