Choosing the right staple gun

When you know which staple to use, it is time to choose a staple gun that suits your project and is made for the staple type and leg length you need. Different types of staple guns and hammer tackers offer different power, precision and efficiency. There are several things to consider before you choose your tool.

Watch the video guide

Have a look at the video guide to learn what staple gun might be best suited for you and your project

Manual staple guns

These are easy to handle and to take with you. They are ideal when using a limited number of staples but need a lot of muscle power if you use them in large projects. Manual staple guns are available in plastic, aluminium and steel. Plastic staple guns are lightweight and easy to handle. They are great for simpler projects at home. Aluminium and steel staple guns are less fragile and have a longer lifetime. They are ideal for large projects, heavy-duty materials and outdoor use.

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Electric staple guns

Deliver more power and precision than manual, allowing you to work faster. They are effective when stapling in ceilings, corners and tight spaces where hand power is not always enough. Some have cords while others are battery-powered and also work when there is no access to electricity, for example when working outdoors.

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Pneumatic staple guns

Extremely powerful and efficient. They are mainly used for professional building work but also for setting up panelling, laying floors and similar tasks that require many or long staples. Pneumatic staple guns are lightweight but have limited mobility as they are connected to a compressor.

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Hammer tackers

The perfect choice for working quickly across large areas, when precision matters less – for example, when fastening roofing felt or plastic sheeting.

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