Reupholster Furniture with a Staple Gun

You can reupholster many pieces of old furniture yourself with new fabric. This is both easier and more efficient to do using a staple gun. You always have one hand free so you can do the job quickly and achieve lasting results. You can read more here about some of the most common projects and get tips on which staple guns and staples are suitable for your job.

Reupholster a Chair

Re-upholstering a chair cushion is an easy way to make old things like new. An easy project that does not require any prior knowledge. 

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Reupholster a Sofa or Armchair

For more experienced do-it-yourself enthusiasts who want an extra challenge. Requires time and patience.

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Reupholster a Headboard 

A popular project amongst do-it-yourself enthusiasts, which can give the bedroom a substantial lift.

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