Installing trimming and casing with a nail gun

Installing trimming, casing and panelling is often the most enjoyable part of a building and renovation project; this is when the room gets its final look and character. With a nail, staple or glue gun, you can work efficiently and achieve a neat, durable result at the same time. You can read more here about some typical projects and how to chose the right tool and right finish nails. At the same time, you will get some practical tips that help to achieve a good result.

Fastening trimming with finish nails

Finish nails are perfect for fastening floor and ceiling trimming to wooden studs. They have small heads that sink into the wood, which means that they are barely visible and easy to plaster or paint over. Use a nail gun to save time and energy compared to nailing by hand. You’ll achieve better precision at the same time, and have a hand free to hold the trimming with.

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Installing panelling

Installing wood panelling on walls and ceilings does not have to be as difficult as it perhaps sounds. But it does require some basic techniques, careful preparation and the right tools. With a nail gun, you can work efficiently and reduce the risk of damaging the panelling. 

Wall panels can also be installed without any nails or screws, by means of a clip system. In this case, it is easiest to use a staple gun to attach the clips to the wall.

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