The Spirit of Sweden

Staple guns with parts crafted from 90% recycled plastic, sourced from old refrigerators. Proudly produced in our hometown of Hestra, Sweden, it is a symbol of high quality and reliability.

Inspired by the natural charm of the Swedish landscape, our designs not only embrace environmental responsibility but also resonate with contemporary home decor trends. Come in colors inspired by the Swedish blooming fields, heather moors, archipelago and forests.

Lightweight and versatile, these products exemplify the essence of innovative and creative living.

With manufacturing in Sweden since 1936, our extensive experience speaks to our expertise and competence in the field.

Our plastic casings are made from 90% recycled plastic, sourced from old, retired refrigerators.

Form and function in balance. The ergonomic handle fits both smaller and larger hands.

Packaging made of FSC certified recycled cardboard.

Perfect when reupholstering furniture.

Light weight and easy to staple.

All-round for home and hobby.

Comfortable with ergonomic handle.

The colours of Sweden

Skärgård (archipelago), Ljung (heather), Skog (forest) and Blomster (bloom) are not just words for beautiful Swedish nature. These are the new names and colours of our durable ergonomic staple guns. Join us on a journey through the Swedish landscape!

The perfect companion for your creative space

Our staple guns are designed with care and tailored to your needs. They are light, easy to handle and ideal for furniture upholstery, decorative work with diverse textile types or fastening of quilts, posters or leather.