Choosing the right nail gun

The choice of nail gun depends on what it will be used for – tougher construction projects, such as framing and roofing, or less demanding indoor projects, such as panelling or fitting skirting boards.

Nail guns are often used on construction sites but are also useful for DIYers. There are several types of nail gun that are powered by compressed air, high-pressure pneumatic or battery/electric.

Before buying a nail gun, you will have to consider three things:

  1. The type of project being done.
  2. The type of nail or brad needed for the project.
  3. What nail guns can handle the nail or brad that is required.

Different nail guns have different advantages:

  • Battery powered nail guns make it easier to move around large areas and work even when there is no access to electricity.
  • Compressed air, or pneumatic, nail guns are powerful, making them especially useful in areas such as framing and roofing.

Also take into account the weight and ergonomics of the nail gun, as these factors affect comfort and how long you can work.

Nail guns and brad nailers for construction

The construction of buildings can be divided into two phases:

  • The first phase includes the frame and the façade. Nail guns are used here for framing and roofing. They shoot larger nails that can withstand heavy loads and keep roof tiles in place. 
  • The second phase includes all interior work once the building is finished, such as electrical and plumbing installations and door fitting. Brad nailers are then used, as they are ideal for small pins and brads that are less visible than nails.

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