Find the right glue gun and the right glue for your project

Glue guide

Glue gun with colored glue writing on fabric

Different tasks require different glue. Read our guide to find the glue stick you need.

Choosing the right glue gun

Fixing broken shoes with a hot melt glue gun

What do you need to think about when buying a glue gun? Let us help you find a tool that suits your needs.

Advantages of hot melt glue

Cordless glue gun fixing the isolation in car door

Instant bond, solvent free, no due date. Read on to learn more about the hot melt glue advantages.


Hot melt glue can be used for lots of projects. Get some ideas on what you can do.

Fix and repair

Hot melt glue gun fixing wooden toys

Hot melt glue can be used to bond a lot of materials at home, get some ideas here.

Arts and craft

Hot melt glue gun used to decorate t-shirt

A glue gun is the perfect tool for your creative ideas. Glue with precision, decorate with color, bring your projects to life!