Glue gun on workbench

Glue guns

You can use glue guns to fix different materials together, and also for crafting and creating. Some glue guns are especially suited for professionals. Others are perfect when you need to repair shoes, make various decorations or install carpentries at home. Rapid offers several glue guns and glue sticks for a number of materials.


Find the right glue gun and the right glue for your project

Hot melt glue gun used to decorate t-shirt

Arts and craft

A glue gun is the perfect tool for your creative ideas. Glue with precision, decorate with color, bring your projects to life!

Hot melt glue gun fixing wooden toys

Fix and repair

Hot melt glue can be used to bond a lot of materials at home, get some ideas here.

What to consider when choosing a glue gun

What to consider when choosing a glue gun

Rapid glue guns have a variety of features. You can read more about their benefits and uses here.