Fix and repair


  • Resole shoes
  • Mouldings or frames
  • Broken toys
  • Wooden furniture
  • Join different materials, ex. wood and plastic
  • Porcelain/chinaware

The bonding cools quickly and leaves a strong and reinforced joining of the broken material. It is also possible to do mouldings and/or re-create shapes where larger chunks of material has been damaged, leaving craters or holes behind.

Attaching cables

  • High and low voltage cables
  • Antenna cables
  • Speaker cables - stereo and home cinema
  • HDMI and other video signal cables
  • Computer network cables
  • Organise and hide cables

Fix without drilling holes

  • Position mouldings for mirrors and pictures
  • Ceramic friezes in kitchens
  • Wall covers
  • Fix garden fences and furniture
  • Fix baseboards
  • Dressing of a chair

For all applications & projects, Rapid offers the ideal tool. Use our recommended glue sticks. 
Use multi colored glue sticks or specific gluesticks – like wood, plastic, metal etc. – for a better result.