Rapid E-tac Electric Staple Gun

A light, comfortably handled electric staple gun for simpler use around the house. The E-TAC is ideal for fastening thinner wooden material and material such as cartons, plastic wrap or paper that requires secure fastening characteristics. E-TAC represents versatility and great value for DIY users.
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For flatwire staple No. 140, 6-14 mm and brad No. 8, 15 mm

Ergonomic design

Manual on/off safety button

Dual magazine for flatwire staples and brads

2 year guarantee


Code 5000572
Color ------------
Material Plastic, metal and electronics
Dimensions 60 x 248 x 224
Brad length 15 mm
Brads type 8
Staple height 6 mm|8 mm|10 mm|12 mm|14 mm
Staple type 140
Electrical plug Standard European
Max. firing rate/min. 20 shots
Weight 0.66