Rapid RP150 MULTI Blind Rivet adapter

RP150 Multi is a sleek and powerful alternative to more complex riveting tools. The tool works like an adapter, and is attached to your drill driver or screwdriver, in the same way as with a normal drill or bit. So you can work more efficiently on major repairs and repetitive sheet metal work. Thanks to the unique multinozzle, you can quickly change between rivet sizes without changing the nozzle. This means fewer interruptions and optimal results. The easy-grip surface makes it easier to work safely and with high precision. The outer housing is a monocoque in tough aluminium, and all the mechanical parts are of made of hardened steel. The tool is designed for 3.2–4.8 mm blind rivets made of all types of materials, and it can even cope with the hardest rivets made of stainless steel. For the best results, you should use a drill driver or screwdriver with a minimum 18 V battery capacity.


  • For 3.2–4.8 mm blind rivets made of all types of materials
  • Multinozzle – fits for all 3.2–4.8 mm rivets
  • Attaches to a drill driver or screwdriver
  • Aluminium monocoque outer housing
  • Ribbed grip surfaces for maximal precision and safety
  • Mechanical parts made of hardened steel
  • A mounting wrench for maintenance is included
  • A complete repair kit can be purchased separately
  • For drill drivers and screwdrivers with a minimum 18 V battery capacity
  • Lightweight: 465 g
  • 2 year guarantee


Dimensions (W x H x D mm)
60 x 245 x 110
Rivet type
Ø3.2 , 4.0 , 4.8 mm
Rivet Material
Aluminium , Stainless Steel, Copper