Rapid PRO R23E Staple Gun

A light, easy to use metal staple gun ideal for demanding, professional jobs and precision operation. Superior performance and working life mean the R23E can easily handle regular use. This model is perfect for users with smaller hands and can be applied to diverse tasks including furniture upholstery or fastening of thinner fabrics, leather, paper, labels or sensitive textiles.
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For finewire staple No. 13 or No. 19, 5/32"-9/16"

All-steel casing and wear parts inside

Smooth functioning loading system and recoilless mechanism

Ergonomic handle with lock function for easy storage

Made in Sweden

Applications: light fabrics, paper


Code 20510450
Color ------------
Material Steel
Dimensions 27 x 150 x 279
Staple type 13
Staple height 4 mm|6 mm|8 mm
Weight 0.55