Rapid PRO R19E Hammer Tacker

Lightweight, easily handled hammer tacker perfect for regular, demanding use. Ideal for intensive jobs such as fastening of labels, posters, textiles, plastic wrap or insulation material. Quick, easy bottom loading and a non-slip ergonomic handle deliver higher operational efficiency while all steel heavy-duty, Swedish construction increases reliability and working life.
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For finewire staple No. 13 or No. 19, 5/32"-1/4"

Quick and easy bottom-loading with no loose parts

Well balanced with non-slip ergonomic handle

All steel, heavy-duty construction

Made in Sweden

Applications: Insulation, labels, posters


Code 20726001
Color ------------
Material Steel
Dimensions 45 x 32 x 291
Staple type 13
Staple height 4 mm|6 mm
Weight 0.41