How to choose brad nail length

Getting the length of the brad nail you will use for your project right is important. Too short or too long and you might end up with a sub-optimal nail drive. Brad nail length is also something you need to keep in mind when choosing a brad nail gun.

How do I know which length brad nail to use?

The rule to find the ideal length of brad nail you need is simple - multiply the thickness of the material you’re fastening by three. For example, if the material is 15 mm thick, you need a 45 mm fastener.

Why is brad nail length important when choosing brad nailer?

This figure is important as it defines the type of brad nail gun that suits your need. Not all brad nail guns are the same; some are designed to take longer pins and brad nails, some take shorter ones. Brad nail guns usually feature a length-span guide that indicates the length of nails that it can shoot - for example, 15-30 mm. Once you’ve established the length of the brad nails you need, you can start to look at the different brad nail guns available and find the perfect one for your task.

Different kinds of brad nails

There are two main kinds of nails, galvanized and stainless. Both are considered rust free, the stainless version will give you an extended lifespan compared to the galvanized.