At Rapid, we always strive to make our fastening tools better, smarter and more efficient. We call it Effixovation.


Learn more about fastening, read some of our guides below

Confused about staples?

Furniture upholstery with an electric battery gun

Different tasks require different staples. Read our guide to find the staple you need.

Glue guide

Glue gun with colored glue writing on fabric

Different tasks require different glue. Read our guide to find the glue stick you need.

Get inspired

See what you can do with our tools

Hot air gun inspiration

Hot air gun inspiration

See some of the things that you can do with a hot air gun and how it can help you in your projects at home.

Garden joy

A lovely garden all fixed up with a staple gun

Transform your garden with a staple gun and some ideas.

Fix and repair

Hot melt glue gun fixing wooden toys

Hot melt glue can be used to bond a lot of materials at home, get some ideas here.