Professional Nailing

You are the professional in your field. We are the specialist in fastening. Therefore we know what you need when it comes to power, precision and reliability. Our new range of cordless and pneumatic nailers for professionals, holds all our specialist knowledge. That’s what it takes to meet the demands of a professional.


Energy Saving Stapling Concept

Using a staple gun shouldn't be a workout! Learn about Powercurve® Technology, developed in conjunction with a physiotherapist for up to 65% less effort and featured in our new range of staple guns.


Manual tackers & nailers

Staples, brads & nails for every job

Blind rivet pliers,
Eylet pliers & hole punch
, eyelets, grommets & drills

Hot air & accessories

Pneumatic tackers & nailers
Electric tackers & nailers

Glue Guns / Hot melt applicators

Glue Sticks for every jobs

Garden - pliers and hog rings for plant stem support and fence building