Rapid Fashion Heavy Duty Stapler HD110

Robust, front loading, heavy duty stapler with lever mechanism to set for high stapling capacity. Perfect for postroom and office.
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Staples up to 110 sheets of paper (80 gsm)

Front loaded, compact, all-steel heavy duty stapler

Adjustable paper stop, stapling depth 66 mm

For 9/8-14 and 23/8-15 staples

Convenient, front loading refill mechanism

5 year guarantee when using Rapid staples


Code 21080815
Material ABS plastic / Metal
Dimensions (W x H X D mm) 100 x 154 x 325
Capacity of stapling 110 sheets
Integrated staple remover No
Handling No
Type of staples (capacity) 23/8-15 + 9/8-14
Type of Stapling Standard stapling
Insertion depth 66 mm
Loading mechanism Front loading
Weight 1