Rapid Classic Electric Stapler 106E

3 staplers in 1, based on the 105E stapler. Equipped with interchangeable insert stapler, the Rapid 106E can handle both standard stapling and brochure (saddle) stapling (with standard or loop staples).
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Staples up to 50 sheets of paper (80 gsm)

115V, US plug

Uses 66/6-8 mm staples

Adjustable stapling force

Adjustable stapling depth 0-100 mm

2 staplers in 1, interchangeable insert staplers

Protection visor, cuts the power when lifted

Delivered with wide worktable and pedal

Serial mounting via opto cables for greater production capacity

Optional extras include pedal, clamp for table mounting, opto cables, multi base for max. 4 staples


Code 10875325
Color [not assigned]
Material Plastic, metal and electronics
Dimensions (W x H X D mm) 300 x 130 x 490
Scope of delivery Wide work table, Pedal
Capacity of stapling 50 sheets
Handling Yes
Type of staples (capacity) 66/6-8+
Type of Stapling Stapling
Insertion depth 102 mm
Loading mechanism Front loading
Weight 5.8