Find the right tool and the right staple for your project

Confused about staples?

Furniture upholstery with an electric battery gun

Different tasks require different staples. Read our guide to find the staple you need.

Find the right staple gun

Furniture upholstery with a manual staple gun

There are many types of staple guns, read our guide to find the tool that suits your need.

Need more staples?

Find the right staple for your staple gun regardless of what brand you own. Our staples fit most stapling tools on the market. View our guide to find the staple that fits your tool.



Stapling can be used for lots of projects. Get some ideas on what you can do.

Garden joy

A lovely garden all fixed up with a staple gun

Transform your garden with a staple gun and some ideas.

Interior decoration

A staple gun to help you with interior decoration

Your home displays your personality and style. See some of the things you can do with our tools.