Find the right riveter and the right rivets for your project

Rivet guide

Rivet guide

Rivets come in different sizes and kinds, read our guide to find the rivet you need

Choosing riveter

Choosing riveter

What do you need to think about when buying a riveter? Let us help you find a tool that suits your needs.

How do I operate a riveter?

In a few, quick steps you will get a tight, secure and permanent bond.
We will show you how.


Rapid RP05 Eyelet Pliers

Decorating a pair of shoes with eyelet plier

Our RP05 eyelet pliers feature an integrated hole punch function. Ideal for use on leather, shoes, canvas and much more, they are easy to use, deliver great results and feature an attractive chrome finish and tough metal parts.

RP110 Rivet Nut Pliers

A rivet nut plier used on sheet metal

The RP110 is a rivet nut insertion tool designed to provide a solution when fastening materials together without access to the rear to tighten a bolt. 


The RP40 Multi™ and RP60 Multi™ are two new hand riveters from Rapid. Both models feature a unique Multi-Nozzle, which allow for operation without nozzle changes.

This means fewer interruptions and optimal results when working with any kind of sheet metal job