TERMS & CONDITIONS for the together competition

Who can compete? 
To be approved as a competitor, you must be at least 18 and accept the competition rules. Persons employed by Rapid or Esselte Corp are not allowed taking part in the competition. 
How does the contest work?
Describe a project/application where you use your glue gun and related hot melt. Rapid does not support with products for persons attending this competition. To attend upload your photo, describe your way of action and fil in the contact info within the text filed at our “together” registration webpage.You have then qualified yourself as a competitor. The results will be judged by a chosen jury from Rapid.The results cannot be contested. Competitors who fail to fill in information or enter false information will be disqualified.
Contest period and prizes
The competition covers several countries and will be run between 1/10/2014 – 31/1/2015. One winner gets a gift card of 500 EUR of value that can be used for chosen entertainment activities. Applicable regulations in how, when and where to use the gift card is decided by the provider of the gift card. The gift card is personal and cannot be exchanged for cash. Any lottery tax must be paid by the winner; the competition organizers will submit the results to concerned taxation authorities. The win­ner will be contacted by Rapid on 15/2/2015 using the telephone number and/or e-mail address given for the competition. If the winner does not respond within 30 days, the prize will be reassigned. The result of the competition cannot be contested. The results and winner will be published on our webpage within a week from the date when the winner was personally contacted.
Processing of personal data and rights to material used for the competition
Rapid is responsible for processing personal information. No other information than that submitted by the competitors themselves will be registered. You can request correction of any incorrect information at any time, and receive a register printout by contacting us at the address below. All rights to submitted photos and related text describing the project belongs and can be used by Rapid. 
Contact us: 
Competitors who have opinions, queries or concerns are welcome to contact us by e-mail at the following address